Freemie Liberty Breast Pump Reviews

You may want to pump while doing other things. However, you probably won’t be able to. But it’s just too tight! Perhaps, the moment you move about, the tubes that connect the pump to the motor get detached.


Freemie’s latest pump, the Liberty, is a great choice for moms who want a convenient, hands-free breast pump. It’s also an affordable option for moms who need help pumping milk during pregnancy.This product is designed for women who want to breastfeed but do not want to use bottles. The Freemie is very easy to use. You simply attach your nipple shield to the Freemie cup, insert into your bra, Freemie collection cups fit into your bra, and press the button on top to begin pumping. The Freemie comes with a removable battery that lasts up to 60 minutes and a USB charging cable. You can carry them wherever you go! They’re hands-free, too.

With 8 ounces of milk stored per cup, you’ll never be caught short when you run out of milk. And because these are reusable, you can use them over and over again without emptying them out. Freemie pumps are closed systems that don’t leak. Milk doesn’t spill out of the cups when you’re pumping. Their collection cups are bigger than other brands. Breast pumps are useful devices that help women who want to give birth by pumping milk out of their breasts. Like pretty much every other wireless pump, this one takes a bit of finagling to get set up and disassembled at the end of a pumping session, but it does work well enough.


  • Breast pump type: double electric with built-in battery
  • Total 10 suction levels are available in Machine
  • Flange size: comes with 2 sizes (25 and 28 mm)
  • It weighs about 250g

My Review over this Pump

With this quiet and hands-free breast pump, you don’t have to worry about making noise or having to clean up messes.

Small, light, easy to carry, and discrete. It’s battery powered, so you can use it while walking or working without having to plug it into an outlet. Adjustable speed and vacuum settings. A sleep timer that automatically shuts off when your baby falls asleep(My favourite feature).

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump Reviews
Freemie Liberty Breast Pump Reviews


Breastfeeding moms will tell you that they have to find a private place to pump, undress, and hook up to a machine, which takes time away from their baby. After she’s sat there for twenty minutes, she still needs her time to clean up, store the milk, and put everything away. Freemie is a new kind of breastfeeding device that fits easily and discreetly into a woman’s bra. Most breast pumps attach by screwing into a proprietary bottle. Every pumping experience, regardless of the manufacturer, is relatively similar. You have to change your clothing, wear a special hands-free pumping bra (or two), hook the flanges into it, try to rearrange the clothing around you, start the device, and cross your fingers your coworkers don’t accidentally see you doing, your best impression in a dark corner of the room. It has a motor, a rechargeable battery, and an LCD screen with controls.

It is quite small and can easily be held in your hands. It is light weight, weighing around 0.5 pounds.

You can tell from the picture that the Freemie wearable breast pump has a tube that minimizes its level of discretion, but it doesn’t lower its utility. It’s easy to hide the tubes under your shirt; therefore, you will be able to continue with your daily tasks or pump at work too.

Working of this machine

The Freemie pump is a hands free pump that fits snugly into your bra. It still has tubes, but it is completely wireless. This Breast Pump lets mothers pump sitting, standing, and walking, and even lying down, if they adjust the pump in their bra. Once you have chosen the flange size that suits you best, simply clip the two small parts comprising the milk valve and valve body onto the flange, and align the milk collection cup. Place the cups onto the breasts under your bra, clip your pump motor onto your waistband, and pump away.

Custom Features

You can save the setting by pressing one of three memory slots buttons, making finding your optimum suction as easy as pressing one button rather than fiddling with dials or pressing buttons 17 times. The Freemie provides 10 levels of hospital-quality suction and speed, allowing mothers to adjust their settings for what they feel works best for them. Small LED lights on a pump indicate the levels of suction and speed.

The three re-programmable memory buttons for easy one-touch access of your preferred settings frees you from having to remember which button does what. You can charge your pump using a USB cable from a computer or from a wall socket. You can use it anywhere you go. You can place the pump on your desk, workstation, wear it, or carry it with you in a bag; there are no restrictions. That means you can actually go take a nap and pump at the exact same time.

Wearable System

If you’re looking for a pump that’s unlike any others, I’ve found one. You won’t be weighed down anymore. You won’t need to carry around a big bag anymore. Your pump won’t be so loud that you can’t think anymore. Pumping won’t be a chore anymore! The Freemie Liberty is the perfect pump for all your pumping needs. It’s lightweight, portable, versatile, and easy to use. It gives you the liberty to live your life however you want.

Portable and Compact

Freemie Liberty Pump fits in my palm and pretty light-weight. The pump motor only weighs 0.55 pounds (or less than 250 gram), making it one of the lightest breast pump in the market. You can even clip it on your pant’s belt with its back clip feature.

Pros & Cons

It’s easy to set up and use, with only five parts and adjustable suction levels. It has a sleek design. It’s a wearable device that connects to an app on a smartphone and can be controlled by the app or via its buttons. It’s made with BPA free plastic. BPA is Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical used to manufacture plastics.

It’s dishwasher safe. If you pump for 20 minutes every time, Freemie will provide you with about eight sessions before you need to recharge. That being said, look for a pump that requires as few parts that need to be cleaned as possible. It’s a huge relief to know that dishwasher-safe components are safe. Cord can be bulky under clothes milk container can’t go in dishwasher.

By Ronny