GaksiMil is an emerging company of Korea, that has just boomed into the market. You might have heard the name for the very first time, but trust me it one of the best emerging companies. It Dual Breast Pump manufactured and designed in Korea, has a heavy duty motor, compact structure and a good suction strength.

Review on the specs

GaksiMil’s G1 is an Hospital grade breast pump, which is already extremely famous in all of Korea and has started to become known here as well. It’s super efficient, high power, and fast.

54 combinations of pressure control and frequency control With nine cycles of suction and six levels of pressure, I can experiment with the combinations to find my own personal customised settings.

What my body felt?

High Massage and milking pressure but still very comfortable, the suction is stronger than some breast pumps in the market. My nipples didn’t feel like they would die and each pump still seemed very comfortable.


Very Quiet

It’s really quiet, quieter than any other breast pump. CBB doesn’t get woken up by me pumping milk during the night. The device doesn’t produces the sound more than 45dB.

Back Flow Prevention

Back-Flow is prevented due to its closed system, right on the other hand, it also prevents milk to go to motor area. Making it easier to clean and avoid non-hygienic tubing.

Simple Operation

Operating is simple, not much knowledge is required. With simple buttons, and guiding LEDs can help you in operating the device. And after using so many Breast Pumps, my brain is trained to use any of these machinery.

Milk Yield

Accessories for the G1 My experience All of you probably know that I have been suffering from Low Milk Supply since my last birth. When using this pump, I was concerned whether I’d get less yield than my previous sessions, the milk might be lower than I thought. So, it means one pump session was kinda wasted because it was very difficult to switch pumps if this one didn’t work as well as the previous one. Using the G1, I am pleased to report that although my yields were not increased, they were on par with the pump that I was using.

Working Women

The Pump is good for traveling, it is fully electric comes with a power supply, this pump is perfect for the working women.

Suction Levels and Accessories

It has 9 suction levels, AC supply power adaptor and bottle with teat, cap, nipple cover and sealing disc. It provides smooth suction and because of its fast vibrating diaphragm. Tubing Quality is good, it is completely sterilised and hygienic to use. Made out of silicon rubber which is easier to clean.

When I was on maternity leave, I would latch my baby and then use the Gaksimil G1 to empty the other breast after he was finished. It’s pretty powerful. Its maximum suction is 440mmHg – far more than most other breast pumps!


With so many other successful brands already established in the market, I was interested to find out what this new kid on its block had in store for us.

By Ronny