How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods

Breast Pain is a sharp and continuous pain in the mammary gland. Before and During Periods, breast pain is usually caused when a girl is turning into a woman and she feels many changes with time. Her breasts start to show an enlargement because the body is producing milk ducts which help to transfer the milk to the nipple.

The body is now filled with Estrogen and Progesterone, which are responsible for making tender and softness in the breast tissue and help the gland to swell and the mammary gland may feel sore. Each month the rate of production and amount of these hormones keeps increasing tremendously. It is common during cyclic or non-cyclic menstruation periods.

How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods?

These are the things that should be avoided or measured to reduce breast pain before pregnancy. But first, let’s discuss what kind of pain it is?

Nature of pain?

In most cases, the pain is dull with some sharp strokes, these strokes occur after unequal intervals of times. The pain is itchy under the arms and the area around the breasts either in one breast or both, with swelling symptoms as well. The pressure around the nipple and its surrounding also keeps increasing because the amount of blood pressure in the gland increases. Some kind of breast injury, false medical history, or family background may also cause breast pain. Any kind of breast surgery, Et Cetra.

 Let’s discuss how to reduce it, follow the measures which should be avoided to reduce it to the maximum extent, and in case of non-reducing pain, one should visit the doctor immediately.

How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods
How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods

Reduction of Hormones

The Hormones are responsible for tenderness in the breasts. Due to the increase and decrease or changing of hormones level, the body may feel many changes like changes in breast size, the breasts feel sore. Try using medications and visit a doctor for complete medication for the best possible treatment. One can also check their hormone level by using FDP verified Hormonal Checking Kit.

Healthy Food

Healthy food is not saturated fatty acids, fats, and hydrogenated food filled full of oils. This may cause severe hormonal imbalance and also other heart problems. Eating full and lighter food including meats and fruits. Reducing the number of sugars and carbs can also help to balance hormonal levels. Instead, eggs are a great diet full of Vitamins and Proteins. Meats are also full of energy and proteins that might help the body fulfill the required amount of energy. 

Avocados also help to reduce the amount of water in the body, which will lower the tension over the breasts. Apples and Broccoli also play a vital role in reducing the breasts sore before periods.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Stress is emotional and physical tension as well. It occurs with events and can make anyone frustrated and sad in a matter of seconds. Continuous migraines can also cause head strokes and other mental problems. It is better to see a doctor or psychologist discuss problems and avoid any danger. This tension can increase blood pressure in the body, and the body starts feeling tightness all over the chest. 

In this case, avoid taking doses of nicotine and caffeine. Concern some professionals, and try talking with family and friends. Cigarettes and Caffeine are not solutions. Try looking for a better and airy place to freely breathe like parks and natural aspects. Because stress and anxiety can cause muscle tension, heart attacks, and neurological injuries. Reading some kinds of books including fiction, love, poetry, and many other fields can also help reducing anxiety over the brain.

Exercising and Lowering High Blood Pressure

Exercising is also a good manner to follow on daily basis. By just simple running every day, or walking at least 2Km can also help the body to circulate the blood. It makes the heart stronger and helps our body to fight heart diseases, lowering cholesterol levels and easier to pump blood. It can also remove stress from the arteries. Walking only 30 minutes a day can also help.

Sleep and Sore in Breasts

Taking less sleep than usual can also be harmful to almost all human beings. Continuous work pressure may cause insomnia and sleeplessness. Try removing the work burden and work smartly.


Overall many other problems may cause breast pain in premenstrual cycles. Like Clothing, extra breast enlargement, and other diseases like Breast Cancer and mastalgia. Try visiting a doctor for a better and assured treatment.

By Lee Chen

Note: You should always be consulting a medical professional for medication recommendations. This article is in no way medical advice or prescription. Many over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and home-remedies can help you in breast pain. Furthermore, you can also opt for using a supportive bra that aids you. Normally, these medications are more than sufficient in treating breast pain, however, if the pain continues, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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