Do you plan to buy the new Mede­la Swing Breast Pump? My goal is to help you by sharing what I’ve learned from using this pump. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of this product, and add some of our own personal, honest and partial opinions, and I have been using this pump ever since I bought it.

What comes in the box?

So I bought it from Amazon, the package was really nice. The electric device is compact, comes with a battery charger that can charge your pumping kit and a bag to keep the pump compact. It comes with a lightweight motor, single breast pump, swing, and medela. For the convenience of the user, there are two different expressions in the bag, along with easy to use Vacuum Pump.

Company Background

Medela Breast Pumps were founded in 1961, which is a Swiss company, specialised in providing the best mother and baby products for decades, now there products are available in over 90 countries, including EU and in all over the US for 3 decades. It has been one of the most recommended brands of breast pumps by physicians.

Overview of Breast Pump

The Medela Swing Flex is a breast pump with a flexible tube. It attaches to your nipple and sucks milk out of your breasts. It also has an attachment that you can use to attach the tubing to your baby’s mouth.

Medela Pump is adjustable for 10 different suction level, 4 different types of mouths that are sold separately. The Pump is workable with 4 AA Batteries and simple AC Adaptor provided in the box. As four different Flange Sizes for breasts are available of 24mm to 32mm. The Pump comes with a warranty of 1 Year for electric motor and power adaptor. It has a pumping tube and pump connector. You can check the website of Medela to check the warranty by putting the state and name of your insurance.

Medela is one of the best companies making breast pumps for years that suits the mother needs, the Medela Swing Breast Pumps are made of high quality and food-grade plastic, its pumps are hospital-grade, and it can be used used by multiple users. Comes with a 2-Phase expression, and due to its advanced style it is lightweight and can work best for travel as well.

The pump has a soft silicone cup that fits comfortably on your breast and provides gentle suction to stimulate milk flow. The cup also has a built-in LED light for night feeding.

Design and Body

Medela’s Electric breast pump is designed to fit your busy life. This breast pump offers you convenience because it fits anywhere and is easy to use. You can also save money since it has a low power adaptor and it can be used with AA Batteries. It provides you with 11.8% more breastmilk compared to the previous model.

It is hands-free pumping with an integrated electric motor. With the help of the Easy Expression Bustier, you can easily express milk without worrying about leaking.

The Swing is a great machine for pumping breastmilk. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much space. You can attach it to your baby’s clothes, wear it around your neck, or clip it to your stroller. It’s also compatible with Calma nipples, which makes it easier to transition to formula later on.

Pumping whenever you like

This product is designed for your active lifestyle, and you should be able to pump more than four hours without difficulty. If you want to pump while doing other things such as cooking or watching TV, then you can do so. The design of the electric breast pump is very convenient, but it does not come with any other attachments.

Storage Bottles

A separate storage container, to keep 150ml or 5 ounces of milk, is included with the package, but if you want to keep the breast milk longer, you can buy additional containers to store the milk. The Company sells a wide range of products in addition to pumps to help mothers keep milk fresher in storage or on the move. Breast pumps and storage bags include breast milk bottles and cooling packs for storing milk at home. Medela’s pumps can be purchased online and many are also covered under insurance plans. Additionally, Medela’s hospital-grade, multi user pumps are available for rent, directly through the manufacturer as well as through many hospitals departments. The Medela Swing Breast Pump is a two phase electric breast pump, which means it will automatically switch between suctioning and expressing phases when you need to stop.

The Swing Medela Pump works best with both Batteries and Adapter as I have tried using both of them. And this quietest personal-use breast pump allows for discreet pumping anywhere.

Widely Available Spare parts

As I’ve observed, the spare parts for breast pumps are widely available online, and many e-retailers sell them. Since Medela is so well known, its spare parts are readily available from retail baby stores, not just from authorised Medela representatives. Furthermore, E-Commerce Stores offers various breast pump compatible spare parts, including breast shield, valves, membranes, tubing, power adaptor, at much more affordable prices compared to original Medela spares and you can easily find Medela spare parts such like chargers, breast shields valves, bottles, tubs, and many others at Target and Walmart.

Easy To Clean

I found that cleaning my Medela Swing Breast Pump was quite simple. After each use, I simply rinse off the pump with warm water. Then, I wipe down the entire pump with a damp cloth. For those who prefer complete hygienic in less time, this product is good for them. Breast shields and bottles must be cleaned together.

Breast Pump Bag

This breast pump bag was made specifically for comfort, organisation, convenience, and ease of use. It was designed specifically for use with your breast pump. With plenty of room for your pump, accessories, and parts, this bag helps you stay organised for pumping anywhere. The BPA-free plastic is easy to clean and can be used over and over again. The double zipper makes it easier to get in and out of the bag, and the two side pockets are perfect for storing all your supplies.

Efficient Pumping and Efficiency

Medela’s new breast pump is easy to use, gives efficient pumping and comfortable. It’s also very affordable, as I have used it, it is very effective and had lots of milk coming out and pain free. Medela pumps have an automatic letdown mode to help mothers produce more milk. They’re pre-programmed so that new moms may find them easier to use. Easier to clean, and much quieter than you can expect.

The Medela Swing Breast Pump is an incredibly effective breast pump. It works by compressing your breasts into a cup-like shape, then squeezing them repeatedly to express milk. This method allows you to express milk without having to touch your nipples or use any suction. You simply squeeze the device over your bra cups, press down firmly, then release. It takes about 20 minutes to empty a full breast.

My favourite part about the pump is that it’s completely sealed, so there’s no way to get any milk into the tubing or machine. The valves don’t wear out, but that’s why they’re designed to easily replace them – it’s important to maintain a vacuum for it to function properly. This breast pump is great for all women who want to express their milk. The swing breast pump is made up of three components: the breast shield, the bottle, and the pump head. The breast shield is where most of the work happens. When you put it on, it squeezes your breasts together to create a tight seal around them. Pump Motor is powerful, which come with an outstanding warranty of 1 year.

Comparing to Manual Breast Pumps

Regularly using the Manual Breast Pumps can ruin your breasts and can lower your breast milk supply, while this classic breast pump technology helps to pump the 11% more milk and best for the working and nursing mothers. If you’re using Manual Pumps for daily usage, you must stop that conventional method. As compared to other pumps, these are best pumps, if you are looking for a compact and cheaper pump, you must choose Swing Breast Pump.


As I have been using this product for almost an year, I haven’t felt any kind of mechanical default, It is a lot cheaper and remains in budget. But the pumping mechanism in the base seems to have loosened a little, and now part of it pushes out of the unit. This seems to have affected the suction a little, and it makes more noise now. It still does its job, but it’s certainly not what it started out as. I hope it lasts for the year.


• Quieter than others

• Suction is good

• Easy to clean

• Easy to use

• Good value for money

Occasional Problems

-And as I’ve experienced a lot in using it, I can help you if there are any problems that sometimes happen, such as when the breast milk goes into the swing motor It is very rare for the milk to go inside, but if you’ve ever faced this problem, you should follow these instructions.

Turn off the pump and unplug from the power source. Use a damp cloth to wipe the motors. Remove the small black foam piece from the bottom of the pump. Rinse the foam with clear lukewarm water and squeeze out the excess water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Connect the power cord to the pump and plug into an electrical outlet.

Hold the end of the tube that is not connected to a faucet in a bucket. Put the motor over a sink and turn on. Let the water pump through the tubing into a motor and flush the water out of the motor. Repeat this process twice with 2 ounces of warm water. Remove the foam piece and clean the pump kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

-If you observe the machine sucking low or if the machine isn’t pumping at all, follow these steps to fix it.

Kit and pump should be secured tightly together. Breast shield must form a complete seal around the breasts. White membrane must lay flat against the yellow valve, and there should be no damage to the yellow valve. Pump should fit securely into the body and motor. Tube should fit securely into the pump body and motor. Rinsing should be performed.

Overall Standing and Observation

Breastfeeding mothers should consider buying this pump for its simplicity and ease of use. A high quality electric breastfeeding pump that is suitable for moms who need to express milk often. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills. The Medela Swing single electric breast pump is a high-quality pump that you can use for pumping one breast at a time, but it doesn’t come with an attachment for bottles. A single breast pump is best for mothers who need to pump milk for their babies less than three times a week. If you need to pump more often, you might be better off with a double breast pump. The Swing breast pump has two-phase expression technology which maximises the amount of milk you’re able to collect during each pumping session. For occasional use, simpler is usually better.  Medela Swing is a nice little breast pump that has dual phase expression. With this breast pump, you won’t need to worry on how stimulating your milk flow because it has a massage mode built into the pump.

I am satisfied with my purchase, and I recommend this product to all new moms who are looking for a reliable breast pump. Medela Swing breast pump is a good choice for moms who want a simple and convenient way to express milk. This breast pump is ideal for occasional use and comes with a few minor drawbacks. Overall, for me it was a good purchase, with a value to money.

By Ronny