Pain Above Left Breast Below Collarbone

Pain Above Left Breast Below Collarbone: Breast Pain or Pain in the Chest is a Sharp, Burning, and slightly Dull yet continuous pain in the gland. There are many other problems that may cause this pain, but if the pain keeps increasing or shows different symptoms than the normal breast pain, it is a time to concern. Pain below and on the breast is usually common and in most cases, it is usually caused by periodic changes in the body.

It can also be caused by other problems like pregnancies or in severe cases Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is also a time to seek medical emergencies. In Covid-19 it is also common to have chest pain non-periodically. And almost 65% of women suffer from it at some part of their lives.

Pain above Left Breast

For a woman, having pain non-periodically or having different symptoms is a time of emergency. Having pain in the Pain Above Left Breast Below Collarbone or simply the pain in the breastbone, this pain shows dizziness and radiating, there are many reasons that may cause different types of pain in the breastbone, above mammary tissue, and below the collarbone. Some of the important reasons are discussed briefly below:

  • Cardiovascular History

Having some heart issues or heart attack problems in the past few years can also cause pain in the left breast. Heart Pains can also feel like Breast Pain, it feels like a burning sensation, it is mild and continuous. It is one of the prominent causes of death these days. Sudden Happiness and Hypertension can cause heart attacks. It can also be caused by Panic Attacks. Chest pain is also one of the early symptoms of a heart attack. Almost 1 out of every 16 women is a heart patient.

  • Smoking and Eating Habits

Smoking is another cause of heartburn these days, according to reports and collected data 18 out of every 100 people are smokers or ever smoked in their lives. Smoking not only causes a lung problem, but it is also one of the prominent causes of Mouth Cancer and Heart Problem. False eating habits, non-timely diets, Fats and Cholesterols, Not exercising timely, Fatty acids are also some other causes of Heart Attacks, blockage of Veins, and Chest Pain. 

Pain Above Left Breast Below Collarbone
Pain Above Left Breast Below Collarbone
  • Breast Injury

Previous Breast Injury, Breast Health issues, or any other kind of injury in the breast either if it is years old. It may also include Previous Chest Pains and Shoulder Injury as well. 

  • Continuous Fever/ Pneumonia

Continuous fever, including nausea and nose blockage, severe coughing, and breath problems including Asthma, Smoking, and other Lungs Problems. Constant pressure on the chest may also lead to breast pain in especially the area around the heart, breast and lungs called breastbone. Covid-19 is also a viral disease affecting a majority of people every day, you may have higher chances for having covid-19 if you feel pain in the left breast and heart.

  • Intestine

Pain in the intestine can also lead to abdominal pain or just simply pain in the breast tissue. The chances of having pain in the left breast are slightly lesser. It is usually caused by the indigestion of food and liquids, causing acidity and inflammatory reactions in the stomach. Not only this, but it may also create pressure on the heart to produce less blood, stretching force over the mammary gland, especially on the left one.

  • Sternum Pain

The sternum is situated in the middle of the set of ribs. Sternum pain can also lead to continuous breast pain. It usually gives a sensation of squeezing and fullness and makes one uncomfortable by creating pressure while breathing. Ribs Pain is also a kind of sternum bone pain, either in anyone set, especially in the left set can cause pain in the heart or in the left breastbone, below the collarbone. It can be caused by injury, flu, nausea, or any past accidents.

  • Gallbladder Diseases

The Gallbladder is situated just right below the liver, it has a to collect all the bile from the liver. Dysfunctioning Gallbladder or one of the Gallbladder’s diseases that may cause severe pain is Bladder Stone. They are born by the tremendous use of salts, potassium, and cholesterol. It can cause stomach ulcers and acidity that might result in chest pain or pain in the left breast. It is just a slightly worse version of Abdominal Pain as well.

It is better to visit a doctor for better treatment or call a medical practitioner for the best treatment depending upon different factors.

By Lee Chen

Note: You should always be consulting a medical professional for medication recommendations. This article is in no way medical advice or prescription. Many over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and home-remedies can help you in breast pain. Furthermore, you can also opt for using a supportive bra that aids you. Normally, these medications are more than sufficient in treating breast pain, however, if the pain continues, you should seek immediate medical attention.