Feeling Pain In Left Breast? All Questions Answered

If you have been feeling pain in left breast and there is some aching leading towards your armpit or some swellness occurs, first you need to take a deep breath that there is nothing to worry about. It is not any sign of major cancer or disease that is not curable.

The breast pain also referred to as mastalgia, is caused due to some hormonal changes and menstrual cycle. You would be feeling a fading ache, breasts feeling tightened, and also leads to burning sensations sometimes. If you are experiencing soreness a bit only then you might take home remedies, in case of unbearable soreness, you might want to attend medical facility nearby.

Types of Breast Pains and their Symptoms

There are generally two types of breast pains normally experienced. You need to be aware of which one you are experiencing so you can decide for yourself what action you need to take.

Cyclical Breast Pain: Associated with Menstrual Cycles

When you are going through a menstrual cycle, there is a high tendency to experience pain in breasts too. The breasts during this time become heavier and tender so you experience the pain in the outward curves which may spread till your armpits. A bit of swelling can also be observed and this leads to quite disrupted wearing of the bra.

It frequently occurs when the period starts or it may be showing some signs a couple of weeks before. It may be experienced when there are some hormonal change therapies taking place on one’s body. So, cyclical breast pain is purely on the basis of changes in hormone levels in the bloodstream which you don’t need to worry about.

Non Cyclical Breast Pain: Post Menopausal Stage

When the women in the post-menopausal stage experience some pain in their chest area, it is termed as non-cyclical breast pain. If you are going through ost-menopause, and experience an expanding pain that starts in one breast, or just a small section and moves across the chest, then there’s a high chance of it being non-cyclical breast pain.

Another characteristic of this type of pain is that it is not recurring: it doesn’t follow a time cycle and can occur at an arbitrary time. Furthermore, this pain can also linger on continuously, and or resurface from time to time. Noncyclical pain can further be broken down into two types.

  1. Mastitis: This type of pain causes significant discomfort in the form of fever, feeling ill and agitated, swollen breasts, and warmth in the area of pain. In some cases of Mastitis, redness is also reported in the area of the breast where chronic pain is felt. For lactating mothers, this pain can have a greater intensity and can produce burning sensations.
  2. Extra-Mammary Pain: This pain is unique in its location, such that it is felt as if it exists within the breasts, but sourced in an area outside. Physicians also call this condition as ‘’referred pain’’ An example of this type of pain is an internal inflammation in the meeting point of the rib and cartilage.

Chest Injury?

Sometimes, the sharp inception of pain in the left breast can also be a consequence of muscular discomfort, rather than an infection or health condition. If your breast has sustained an injuring blow, such as an imploded air-bag, or a fall, then this can cause significant discomfort. This pain can both be lingering or sporadic, so it is important to analyze and evaluate whether there was an injury that could have triggered pain.

Post-Surgery Left Breast Pain

Having surgery in the breast region can significantly increase the chances of experiencing left breast pain. The following surgeries contribute greatly to pain:

  • Breast reduction
  • Mastectomy
  • Breast Implants

These surgeries alter the flow of blood and the health of nerves within the breast region. This condition can lead to the advent of pain over time. The side effects of surgeries involve the formation of cysts, owing to a condition called fat necrosis. After you have had breast surgery, scarring occurs in the region which replaces healthy tissue with scar tissue.

The process of replacement kills healthy fat cells, which leads to the excretion of oil that can accumulate to form a cyst. The formation of oil cysts and fat necrosis together can cause unsettling breast pain.

DIY Tips To Counter Pain

Left breast pain is also caused by personal habits that are detrimental for the health and structure of breasts. The tissues found in breasts are sensitive, therefore they respond quickly to rough treatment. To make sure that the pain in your left is not a consequence of personal habits, rather than a medical condition, practice the following tips.

Choice of Bra

Wearing an accurately fitting bra is important to provide breasts adequate support throughout the day. When you are going to sleep at night, change into a bra that is delicate, comfortable, and can softly support your breasts. Also, make sure to wear a high-quality sports bra during workouts so that your breasts do not face high-intensity stress.


Pain can be unsettling and can cause frustration. This not only affects the mind but also takes a toll on daily productivity if the came has become frequent. Using medications to relieve sporadic pain can be important to stay comfortable. The most trusted medications in this regard are OTC, such as paracetamol, Tylenol, or ibuprofen. These drugs relieve pain, without risk and side effects.

When To Consult A Doctor?

Pain in Left breast can be unsettling, be it can be a consequence of a natural process and fade away with time. If the pain persists, there are certain elements to keep in mind before consulting a doctor. If the one or both breasts have changed their size, secretions come out of the nipple, or there is redness around the nipple, then you should definitely consult a doctor.

If you feel a lump in your breast or in the armpit region, or experience pain that is not connected to your menstrual cycle then scheduling a doctor’s appointment is advised.