Pumping hacks can be used by any woman who breastfeeds

That’s one reason why we all love using methods that make pumping easier and saves us a lot of time! In this post, I‘ve collected best pumping hacks especially for you. Pumping hacks can be used by any woman who breastfeeds. These hacks can assist in making pumping easier. Some of these hacks include using a water bottle instead of a cup, using a cloth diaper as a cover for the pump, and using an ice pack to cool down the pump while in use.

After I returned to work, I wondered, how hard could pumping be? Turns out, it’s not too hard so here are some of my favourite hacks that can help you pump at work a little bit better.

Pumping hacks can be used by any woman who breastfeeds


Pumping Hacks for Working Moms

Here they are:

Pumping Hack #1

Keep milk bags and rubber bands handy at all times, they’re useful for saving the day. You can attach the breast pads to your breast shields by using rubber bands, or if they’re not available you can use tape or binder cli­ps.

Pumping Hack #2

To stop spills, use a funnel as a funnel, pump at work is not easy. Use these hacks to get things done. After work, I would usually transfer some milk into my milk bag to put in my fridge. Let’s not count how many times I spilt the milk. How many times I’ve cried over spilled milk.

Pumping Hack #3

Every single workday, set a reminder to pump if you only have limited time to pump at work, I’ve got big good news for you. You don’t need strict adherence to your baby’s feeding times when you’re pumping. The most important thing when emptying your breasts is the frequency, or the number of times you empty them each day.

Pumping Hack #4

Some people forget to take their baby’s bottles along when they rush out the door. An easy hack is to keep extra milk storage bags at your office. You can secure them with the zipper and a piece of tape. This works like a bottle.

Pumping Hack #5

The mothers who struggle with milk output while working might find looking at pictures of their babies or listening to recordings of their babies help with supply, moms who pump need to be more careful about how much time they spend away from their children. Pumping requires a lot of effort and energy, and mothers should take breaks when needed. Try some relaxing musics that calms your heart and relieve your shoulders from stressful life. Stress can ruin your nursing life, meditation can keep you away from the stressful environment.

Pumping Hack #6

Don’t have an effective pumping bra? You can use your regular nursing bra to keep the breast flanges together and then clamp the flap over. Otherwise, cut a hole in an old sports bra to make a DIY pumping bra.

Pumping Hack #7

Switching back to letdown mode if your milk doesn’t seem to be flowing as much or if you feel like you need a break. A breast pump flange should be about 24 mm in diameter. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your breast pumps, check the flange size before buying.

Pumping Hack #8

Heat helps you pump more milk. Using a heating pad or breast comfort packs can help you warm up your breasts. Heating pads and breast comfort packs come in many different sizes, shapes, and colours. Use whatever works best for you.

Pumping Hack #9

Milk should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer until needed. You should store it in a container that keeps it cold. Breast milk should never be thrown away unless there is a medical reason for doing so.

Pumping Hack #10

With storage, you really need a system in place that ensures you’re using the oldest milk first! Milk should be stored in containers that are easy to access. Breastmilk bags work really great if lined up in soda cans.

Make sure to write the date when the milk was drawn, it will help you to use the milk earliest at first.

Pumping Hack #11

Insurance companies pay for breast pumps to help women who want to breastfeed, you can apply in one and get a chance to qualify and get one.

Pumping Hack #12

Breast pumps should be cleaned after every use, but if you’re going to do it at work, make sure you wash your hands first. Breast pump parts should be cleaned thoroughly before storing them. Cleaning is done using a sponge or rag soaked in warm water and soap. After cleaning, the parts should be rinsed under running water or submerged in a separate container filled with clean water. The pump parts should then be placed on a clean cloth or towel and allowed to air dry.

Once dried, store the pump parts in an airtight container away from heat and moisture. Pumping moms should be sure to clean their pumps regularly. There are many ways to do this. You can use a steam bag, or put your old pump parts in a microwave. Breast pump wipes aren’t as effective as microwaving pump parts. Experts say that because quick-cleaning wipes can’t reach all surface of the pump parts, washing is the only way that ensures your pump is safe and doesn’t contain any germs.

Pumping Hack #13

Bring some baby clothes or blanket. These items that smell like your baby might encourage you to have a faster let-down.

Pumping Hack #14

An hourly worker should try to get more than one pumping session per day. He could do this by taking longer breaks during the day, or by working fewer hours each week. Breast pumps are an important part of breastfeeding. When breast pumps aren’t available or convenient, quick-clean wipes may be used.

Pumping Hack #15

Pumping out milk after forgetting your pump parts is a pain. You end up paying more money at the gas station. You might even be stuck at work until you feel engorged. But if you remember to bring your pump parts, you’ll save some money at the gas station and won’t need to hand express.

Pumping Hack #16

Pumping in the car is a dangerous thing to do. You’re putting yourself at risk of getting into an accident. Also, pumping can cause problems if you get into an accident and your airbag goes off. You need to make sure you’re safe before trying to pump in the car. To avoid accidents, use the car adapter or battery pack instead of pumping directly from the cigarette lighter.

Pumping Hack #17

Breastfeeding moms should pack healthy snacks in their bags to avoid being hungry during pumping sessions. Keep High Calories Snacks, Granola Bar, nuts and seeds.

Pumping Hack #18

Keep batteries at the workplace, incase your Breast pump run out of batteries, you can use these batteries in the breast pump.

Pumping Hack #19

Pumping while working can be a challenge. A few simple tricks can make this job much more manageable. Buy a pump and sanitizer, and keep them close by. Have a sink or water bottle handy. Use a comfortable chair, and use a pillow under your back. Don’t forget to take breaks during the day, and get up every hour or two to change positions.

Pumping Hack #20

Moms who pump need to maintain a regular pumping schedule. Pumping should be done in private. A hands-free pumping bra helps moms pump discreetly. Using two hair elastics makes the hands-free pumping bra easy to use.

Pumping Hack #21

Breast pumps are useful tools for moms who want to produce as much milk as possible. Duck bill valves create better suction than normal valves do. Pumping hacks include replacing ordinary valves with duck bill valves. More milk, less cleaning!

Pumping Hack #22

A great pumping hack is to save every drop. When you’re having a let down, milk flows from both breasts, not just the one being fed on. You can use a milk saver to catch this extra milk. These products are very affordable and are helpful for anyone who needs to store some milk for later.

Pumping Hack #23

Hands-on pumping can be very helpful when making enough milk. Massage your breasts after every pumping session to get rid of any extra milk.

I hope these hacks are useful for you and make your pumping routine much easier.

By Ronny