Sharp pain in breast or more commonly known as mastalgia is a rampant complaint among women of all ages. This sharp pain in breast can include symptoms that come and go. Furthermore, many women can experience nausea, breast tenderness, and sharp burning pain. For the most part, the ailment is mild, but it can quickly evolve into something more severe.

Sharp pain in left breast can be worrying, however, it is not entirely problematic. As we will see in the article below, oftentimes breast pain roots from PMSing or during the menstrual cycle.

Keep reading to learn what may be causing this pain and when you need to see a medical professional.

When can sharp pain in left breast or mastalgia occur?

Sharp pain in breast can occur at any time, however, in most cases, it occurs during the few days of the month that lead up to your periods. Additionally, it can also occur after your periods which makes it entirely up to your physical state.

What are the symptoms of sharp pain in the left breast or mastalgia?

Sharp pain in breast can arise in various forms. However, most of the times, the common symptoms are of two characteristics: cyclic and non-cyclic.

Cyclic Breast Pain:

It is more related to the menstrual cycle and the associated things. Furthermore, it is usually followed by breast swelling as well as lumpiness. Many women complain of intense pain during the first two weeks of their periods.

Non-Cyclic Breast Pain:

Non-cyclic breast pain is unlike cyclic breast pain. Rather than being corresponding to the menstrual cycle, cyclic pain occurs without any causation. Furthermore, it makes your breasts tighter and sore. If you feel a sharp pain in breast that comes and goes, it is highly likely that it may be non-cyclic breast pain. Moreover, this type of pain affects women even after their menstrual cycle.

However, there are certain symptoms after which you should consider seeking medical emergency as soon as possible. These symptoms can include:

  • Feeling of pressure in the chest.
  • Nausea and Vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Loss of consciousness.

What are the causes of sharp pain in left breast?

While the causes can vary from patient to patient, sharp pain in left breast is usually attributed to these following things.

Reactive Medication:

Oftentimes, some of the medication such as anti-depressants or infertility pills can cause breast pain. These medications can also include oral birth control pills which have a side effect of breast tenderness.

Breast Size:

Large breast size puts a strain on your neck as well as your back. This is why women with large breasts may experience non-cyclic pain throughout the month.

Change in Breast Structure:

When going through pregnancy and after conceiving child, many women develop changes in their breasts which may include expansion of milk ducts and milk glands. This results in the development of breast cysts. Furthermore, this structural change may not be limited to natural changes only. If a woman goes through breast reduction/enhancement surgery, she might experience structural trauma, which ultimately results in sharp pain in the breast.

Hormone Imbalance:

Sharp pain in breast can be directly associated with the hormone imbalance that accompanies your menstrual cycle. Furthermore, it continues to fluctuate from time to time. It is cited that if the pain is cyclic, then most of the times, it disappears as soon as you hit menopause or pregnancy.

Treatments and Medication

Note: You should always be consulting a medical professional for medication recommendations. This article is in no way medical advice or prescription.

Many over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and home-remedies can help you in breast pain. Furthermore, you can also opt for using a supportive bra that aids you.

Normally, these medications are more than sufficient in treating breast pain, however, if the pain continues, you should seek immediate medical attention.