Spectra M1 breast pumps

This is a review of Spectra M1 breast pumps. I’ve been using these Spectra S1 breast pumps for years now. It has a powerful suction (similar to S1) but it comes in a much slimmer design, making it portable to take anywhere. So, here is my experience using this little breast pump. I got curious on it ever since I tried Spectral S1 Breast Pump (click here for my Spectral S1 detailed review). A lot of moms rave about its powerful suction (compared to S1), yet, it comes in a much cheaper and lighter design, which makes it very portable to toting around.

Spectra M1 breast pumps
Spectra M1 breast pumps

Product Overview

Spectra M1 is a compact electric breast pump that drains milk effectively. It features an adjustable suction level and speed control. It also comes with a T-connector to convert it into a dual pumping machine.A breast pump is a device used by women who want to express milk from their breasts. Breast pumps come in various sizes and shapes, but most are designed to be held in place while pumping or attached to a belt when using them. Some models also include a bottle attachment to collect expressed milk.

Dual breast pumps are better than single ones because they’re easier to use. You can use them both together, but if you want to use your left hand, then you need two bottles. Dual breast pumps also come with extra tubing and accessories. Single breast pumps usually cost less, but they lack some extras.You can buy a single pump or a double pump. A single pump is cheaper but less powerful than a double pump. A double pump is more expensive but twice as strong. A single pump doesn’t allow switching from dual to single mode. A double pump does.

Highlights of Spectra M1

The suction power of this breast pump is very good. M1’s suction is adjustable, meaning you can adjust how strong the suction is and also how fast it moves.

The suction is more comfortable than most pumps because there is no sharp edge. M1 works better at pulling out milk from breasts because it uses stronger suction than M2. If you want to increase your milk supply while pumping, use closed system Spectra M1.

It is portable

It has powerful suction

It has enough selection of speed levels

It can be used for both dual and single pumping

It is perfect for travel

Review for Working Women

Every minute counts, so stop wasting time and get up to speed with these super handy pumping essentials. It is perfect for travel and women at work, using it personally, this is heaven for a working women. It has fast and high suction, along with different suction levels.

With a powerful motor packed inside this pump, Spectra has given us an efficient and sturdy unit. It weighs less than 300 grams, and is compact enough to fit easily into your bag or purse.

This pump is great because it is easy to use and very quiet. I recommend it to everyone who wants to have a better experience while pumping breast milk. Hygienic and easier to clean, the pump has helped me in saving time as a working lady.

Review for new moms and nursing moms

If you are exclusively pumping, or trying to build your supply in the early days when your baby unable to nurse effectively, this pump will work, but may not be durable enough for you. Go for hospital-grade breast pumps that are more powerful and heavy-duty.

Spectra M1 has been designed specifically for working mothers and stay-at-home mothers who pump a typical three to five times per day. I guess the portability is one of the best-selling factor which makes it appealing for any mothers.

This product is recommended by many moms who have used it. It works very well and lasts for long periods of time, and I hardly have to plug it into the charger.

This set includes 5 bottles, 2 nipples, and an ice pack. These items are very useful if you need to feed your baby, but aren’t around to do it right away. A cooler makes sure the milk stays cold longer.

Reviewing the pumping

A pump that mimics the sucking motion of a baby. This feature makes it easier for women to breastfeed, the cushion if softer. The feature I have liked the most is that it doesn’t ruin the breasts. It doesn’t diminish breastmilk supply. It has five different speed settings, ranging slow to fast. Find the best level that perfectly suits your needs.

Smart Settings

A breast pump that remembers the settings you last used is an awesome invention. It saves time and makes it easy to use more than one program. It also helps prevent contamination by keeping everything clean. Spectra M1 has a unique feature called the T-Connector. It lets you connect two pumps together. You don’t need to buy another pump if you already have a Spectra M1. Your breastmilk will stay fresh and clean. Spectra M1 is made to last generations. Spectra M1 comes with extra small, medium, and large flange sizes. Pumping breastmilk is an important job for new moms. Pumping helps babies get enough nutrition. Pumping also helps moms feel more comfortable breastfeeding. Pumping gives mom some extra time to bond with baby. Pumping is also very helpful if mom needs to travel or work during the night.


Letdown mode-Switch with a touch to letdown mode, which speeds up milk flow just like a baby. Adjusts cycle speed and suction strength with one touch. Easy adjustment of cycle time and suction strength. Inbuilt rechargeable battery, I know you love this feature! Use your M1 while connected to mains, or anywhere else from its built-in rechargeable battery. Lovely and compact, you’ll find the M1 easy transport and store. Closed System, Like all Spectra breast pumps the M1 has a close system, which means there is no way for any milk to get into the motor. Milk particles in motor can lead to the growing of mould and is a possible source of virus transmission. Ability to use as double pump, just add a second shield set to your order.


The Spectra M 1 Double Breast Pump is an advanced, attractive, and light-weight breast pump that can be used for both single and double pumping functions. The Spectra M1 Double Electric Breast Pump is a great two-phase electric breast pump for mothers who want to pump at home. If you’re looking for a portable, versatile pump for expressing breast milk, the Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump is one of the best choices for you.


You can choose your size by selecting the number of breast flange holes. This is the only problem that have faced, other than that this pump is just outstanding.

Technical specifications

The Soothing Massage Chair has a vacuum range of 0~300mmHg, cycle length of 24-40RPM, weight of 239g, motor life of 1500hrs, country of origin: South Korea.

The Spectra M1 is a single-stage, electric breast pump that has been designed to fit the needs of mothers who are breastfeeding or pumping at work. It features an ergonomic design and comes with a number of attachments such as a double pump.

By Ronny