Pain in the breast has been a common issue in women and this could be normal pain or it could be a result or symptom of breast cancer. It is highly recommended for a woman to see a doctor for daily checkups if there are other symptoms like inflammation, redness, and warmth in the breast. But in most cases, the pain is normal and not a symptom of a severe case.

Nipples are highly sensitive areas in a woman’s body and are made of soft tissues. They can become sore or itchy due to certain reasons which women end up believing is a severe case. However, it might be just because of hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, and lactation.

As blood vessels are spread all over the body, it is sometimes difficult to know the actual location of the problem. Commonly, the problem isn’t where you are feeling pain. In some cases, there may be a problem in the breast and as a result, you may be feeling pain in or around your nipple.

Causes of Pain Around The Nipple

  • Breast Infection or Abscess
  • Breast Surgery
  • Breastfeeding
  • Poorly Fitted Bra
  • Hormonal Fluctuation
  • Injuries

Breast Infection or Abscess

Infections can infect a breast severely and can cause milk issues and a painful experience. An abscess may occur in the areola or nipple causing it to produce pain and itching. The milk duct can also get infected and clogged which leads to mastitis.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is becoming more common in women lately but the consequences could be fatal. Whether it be reconstruction, augmentation, or reduction of breasts, the breast will hurt while the scar tissues develop. As the scar tissues develop and reconstruct the breast.

It is not to be said with surety that the breasts will not hurt even after a long period. The pain could come and go in any area and nipples being the most sensitive, the pain can occur in the nipple.


It is common for a woman to breastfeed their newborns but it can also cause pain in some cases. Breastfeeding can sometimes cause chafing or chapped nipples that may become itchy and sore. There is not a need to see a doctor for this, common house medications and care could make the pain go away.

Poorly Fitted Bra

A poorly fitted Bra can result in pain in the breast. A tight bra can compress your breasts and a loose bra leaves them improperly supported. This could result in discomfort and pain in some cases.

Hormonal Fluctuation

Nipple or breast pain can be due to hormonal changes or fluctuations like pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, lactation, and some other hormonal transitions. Nipples become more sensitive in these cases. Especially in menopause when estrogen level goes low, resulting in susceptibility and sensitivity of breast.

And during pregnancy when progesterone level goes high and results in your breasts retain more fluids.


Breast injuries can lead to pain for a long period. You can even feel pain even after the injuries are healed. The breast is made of sensitive tissues, in case of injuries on breasts you can expect itches and bruising accompanied by severe pain.

By Lee Chen

Note: You should always be consulting a medical professional for medication recommendations. This article is in no way medical advice or prescription. Many over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and home-remedies can help you in breast pain. Furthermore, you can also opt for using a supportive bra that aids you. Normally, these medications are more than sufficient in treating breast pain, however, if the pain continues, you should seek immediate medical attention.