Pain Under the Left Breast: Is it a Heart Attack?

Pain under the left breast doesn’t always mean that it is a heart attack. The worst-case scenario of the pain under the left breast is a heart attack. Several other reasons can cause the pain. Besides the heart, there are other vital organs like the stomach, lungs, ribs, etc under the left breast. The pain can be caused in any of these organs as the location of the pain is uncertain to you.

Verify Whether it’s Heart Attack or Not

Jumping to a conclusion will only higher the pain and health risk. First, verify if the pain is due to a heart attack or not. The pain of the heart attack is different from the pains in other organs. A heart attack feels like burning, breaking, squeezing of heart.


  • Problem in Breathing
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Pain in Neck or left arm
  • Numbness
  • Strong sense of Anxiety

These are all the symptoms of having a heart attack. If you have verified that it’s a heart attack and having all these symptoms, immediately call an ambulance. Your treatment depends upon what caused the heart attack.

Pain Under the Left Breast: Is it a Heart Attack?

Other Possible Causes of Pain Under the Left Breast

Several other possible cases that can cause pain under the left breast. Before moving to the causes of pain under the left breast, you have to be certain that the pain is under the left breast and not in the left breast.

  • Left Breast Cancer
  • Pericarditis
  • Precordial Catch Syndrome
  • Pleurisy
  • Chest Injuries

Left Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a common problem among women nowadays. The chances are high of having breast cancer but also it’s not always the case. The chances of breast cancer on the left breast is slightly higher than on the right breast, but in men, it happens equally on both sides. Breast cancer often seems like a skin infection and the pain in the breast starts 90 days before the diagnosis of cancer.


  • Pain is inside the left breast
  • Infection on the left breast


A thin layered membrane that surrounds the heart is known as pericardium and pericarditis is the inflammation of the pericardium. It can be caused by lupus, chest injuries or heart attack, etc.


Precordial Catch Syndrome

Precordial Catch Syndrome is a condition that occurs when the walls of the chest become pinched or irritated. It’s not dangerous as it gets better on its own.


  • Sharp stabbing
  • Short-term pain
  • Nausea
  • Deep Breathing Intensifies pain


Pleurisy is a problem that occurs when the membrane of the lungs and inside the chest cavity is inflamed. When the left lung is infected, it will cause pain under the left breast. It is commonly caused by viral diseases.


  • Pain intensifies with breathing
  • Sneezing increases pain
  • Chest pain

Chest Injuries

The pain under the left breast can also be caused due to a chest injury, like a fractured or broken rib. Broken ribs can pierce through vital organs and can cause serious problems.


  • Pain at the spot of injury
  • Deep Breathing intensifies the pain
  • Bending over causes pain

By Lee Chen

Note: You should always be consulting a medical professional for medication recommendations. This article is in no way medical advice or prescription. Many over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and home-remedies can help you in breast pain. Furthermore, you can also opt for using a supportive bra that aids you. Normally, these medications are more than sufficient in treating breast pain, however, if the pain continues, you should seek immediate medical attention.